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We offer customers:

- casts from zinc alloy, tin alloy and plastic; made by the unconventional modern technology of centrifugal casting.

By this method it is possible to produce a wide variety of components and parts of demanding shapes, for example holders, handles, boxes, gear-wheels and gear racks, covers and small frames. The casts are true to size with top surface quality. Generally additional treatment is not necessary.

The finish is of galvanic metallization or varnishing. It is possible to make an inseperable bond with parts from other metals, for example combination with brass cases, steel screws, etc.

Centrifugal casting is highly suitable for producing the decorative casts, for example furniture and construction armours, metal households furnishings, clips and fasteners, decorations etc.

Centrifugal casting is:

  • operative - first casts can be obtained next day after receipt of model, terms of delivery are usually 10 - 30 days, or 2 days.

  • productive - production preparation and cast production is very quick - this technology is suitable for large series.

  • economical - cast prices are suitable also for small series and piece and prototype production.

Technological possibility:

Cast material:
zinc alloy Z 410 (STN 42 3560)
Z 430 (STN 42 3562)
DIN 1743
tin alloy
plastic - polyurethane, epoxy resin
Maximum cast dimensions:
65 × 130 × 220 mm (lenght of slim ones often to 270 mm)
Cast weight:
to 1 kg